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An interdisciplinary perspective of today's new risk scenario


New York University - Florence Campus, Villa La Pietra
Florence - June 3rd- 5th 2010 

Dear Colleague and/or previous attendee
After the second successful edition in Venice IRMC2009 (211 attendees), University of Florence, NYU Stern Salomon Center, and University of Trieste would like to invite you to the 3rd edition of the International Risk Management Conference in Florence, Italy. As in our consolidate tradition, the conference will bring together leading experts from Academia and Professionals for a two-day conference and ½-day professional symposium.

Conference News:
We are pleased to announce some new developments going on at IRMC. First, the Joint Research Center of the European Commission is joining the IRMC’s organization committee and will lead the initiative in developing the Quantitative Tools for Risk Management sessions. Second, NYU Stern Salomon Center will serve not only as a permanent organizer, but also as the host institution this year. The conference will be held at the NYU Florence campus in Villa La Pietra. Third, Giorgio Bertinetti (University of Venice), last year’s conference organizer, joined representatives of Bocconi University (Maurizio Dallocchio) and University of Cagliari (Riccardo De Lisa) as conference consultants. Also this year, Gabriele Fiorentini (University of Florence), Win Schoutens (Catholic University of Leuven), Francesco Saita (Bocconi University), Andrea Resti (Bocconi University), and Paolo Paruolo (European Commission Joint Research Centre) have joined the Scientific Committee.
And lastly, the conference has been placed a few days before the Financial Intermediation Research Society (FIRS) conference on June 3rd - 5th 2010, which will also be held in Florence, Italy.

Special Topic:
This year the focus is on Financial Stability and Value as well as the Sustainability of the Recovery. According to what has been seen in the market in the last few months, asset price stability emerges as an interesting topic to be addressed by both scholars and practitioners. In fact, if last year’s conference concentrated on the financial instability, this year, the focus goes to the latest empirical research and theoretical models on desirable financial stability.

Keynote Speakers:
Keynote speakers will include Edward Altman, Menachem Brenner (NYU Salomon Center), David Lando (Copenhagen Business School) and invited speakers will include Federico Bandi (John Hopkins Carey Business School), Til Schuermann (Federval Reserve Bank) and Andrea Sironi (Bocconi University). Many key professors on other research areas are expected to attend.

The mission of the conference is to provide a forum for recent advances in risk management. IRMC2010 aims to present the latest research from the major schools of thought in Corporate Finance, Banking and Financial Mathematics, and a diversity of new econometric approaches to Risk Management. Risk is a multifactor concept to be addressed from different perspectives. Starting from the latest theories and tools developed in the Risk Management field, we move to Corporate Finance, where risk is studied both in the value maximization framework and in strategies for mitigating risk. Banking is concerned with Risk Capital and Capital Requirements. The Basel II framework plays a key role in risk assessment and measurement and it affects banks’ and customers’ portfolio selection and performance. Risk can also be addressed from an actuarial and statistical perspective. A final research area addressed by the conference is financial accounting that is increasingly involved in the risk assessment process in these fields of studies. All methodological and empirical papers are welcome. This year the special focus is on FINANCIAL STABILITY AND VALUE as well as THE SUSTAINABILITY OF RECOVERY.

Paper Submission: Full-papers must be submitted by email at the following address irmc@finanzafirenze.org

Papers are due by March, 30th 2010 (final draft is allowed) 

Thank you in advance for your attention and participation. Looking forward to meet you personally at the IRMC2010 conference. Best Regards

Edward Altman                             Francesca Campolongo              Oliviero Roggi
NYU Stern Salomon Center          European Commission – JRC     University of Florence
Conference Chairman                  Co-organizer                                 Conference Chairman 

 Focus area: Financial Stability and Value

More in detail the following questions are likely to be answered:
- Is the recovery sustainable?
- Is the industry building up a second credit bubble?
- Is risk-management important outside of credit and market risk management?
- What is the role of liquidity in financial stability programs? How can it be measured?

 Regular thematic areas:
- Risk management, banking and regulation
- Corporate finance & risk management
- Quantitative tools for risk management
- Financial accounting and risk management

Practitioners' Workshop
There will also be a practitioners symposium and workshop available on Friday, June 4th, in collaboration with majors banks and other main institutions. For more information visit the workshop page

 Conference Venue and Host Institution
New York University Florence Campus, Villa La Pietra - via Bolognese, 120 - Florence

IRMC is organized by
Permanent Conference Co-Chairmen

Prof. Edward Altman NYU Stern School of Business
Prof. Maurizio Fanni, Director of the School of Finance -University of Trieste
Prof. Oliviero Roggi, University of Florence - (oliviero.roggi@unifi.it)

Co-organizer: Joint Research Center European Commission - Francesca Campolongo

Academic Coordination: Permanent  Conference Co-Chairmen and Conference Co-organizer

Conference Consultants:
Prof. Maurizio Dallocchio, Bocconi University
Prof. Riccardo De Lisa, University of Cagliari
Prof. Giorgio Bertinetti, University of Venice
Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale (TBC)
Associazione per la Matematica Applicata alle Scienze Economiche e Sociali (TBC)

Conference Management 
Pre-event conference management
Department of Management, Accounting and Finance - University of Florence
Tel +39 0554374720
fax +39 0554374910
Conference Management:
Finanza Firenze Reserch Centre
via Solferino, 22
50123 Florence (Italy)
Skype: irmc2008

For more details contact the IRMC conference coordinator